In nature, all is one.
Live your free, natural spirit
and discover unity of body,
mind, heart and soul

Tantra-Tribal is an inspiration that comes from my own experience on the Tantra Path, from my meditation practice, deep connection with nature, and from the indigenous wisdom of the Andes Mountains, where I was born.

After experiencing those paths for more than 18 years, I began to feel a longing to bring together Asian traditions, Tantra and meditation with the native cosmos-vision regarding life, death, love, cycles of nature and the Great Spirit.

This is where Tantra-Tribal was created. In my experience, within nature, all is one, and at some point on my path, I realized that ancestral traditions from Asia and The Americas are essentially similar in this understanding.

  • Are you living joyfully, gratefully and passionately?
  • Would you like to balance action, love and stillness in your daily life?
  • Do you feel that you are losing your vitality and deep connection with nature because you are involved in too many mindless tasks?
  • Do you remember that feeling of truly looking at another with love and presence?
  • Do you want to reconnect with that energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued?
Sun and moon, day and night, summer and winter, male and female,
earth and sky, water and fire; in nature all is one
2020, February 17th to 23rd
Patagonia, South of Chile