Individual Sessions

Open Session: Ranjana is available for individual sessions, in person, as well as via Skype from anywhere in the world. These sessions guide you to dissolve issues around relationship, inner child wounds, sexuality and self-love. Each session is a unique process, aimed to connect you with your natural source of vital life. As everyone has a unique path, a key focus of Ranjana’s skills is to adapt her approach for each individual.

Sexual trauma healing session: frequently we carry a negative imprint regarding our sexuality. Sexual or emotional abuse, impotence, frigidity, abortions, and so on. These events are partly the consequence of repression and shame about sexuality. This session aims to create a new imprint, one that is a natural, alive and relaxed sexuality.

Conscious Sexuality: Sexual energy is a gift; it is what makes life an adventure and eventually a journey. It develops in stages, and has different expressions according to the life cycle we are in; as children, as teenagers, as grown men and women.

* This individual session will show you how to navigate through these different cycles, healing the wounds, the shame and the disconnection that may have happened in the past around sexuality. We will bring a new awareness to the potential of your sexual energy at this present stage of life, and open up to the moment in the future when sexuality becomes meditation and inner union.

Female Ancestrology Session: Using morph field, somatic-emotional experience and native cosmo vision, Ranjana will guide the individual through an experience focused on unburdening old emotional patterns and letting go of the trans-generational female conditioning of our original family, aiming to leave you feeling more free, alive and rooted. This means recovering the natural love connection we have with our female lineage and ancestress by receiving her strength, and grounding our self in The Mother Earth, “Pacha Mama” who gives us expansion, vision, abundance, sensuality, love and nutrition.

Process of Integrative Psychotherapy (8 sessions)

* This is an Individual Integrative Process, a series of 8 sessions. This process involves: roots healing, somatic experiencing, inner child healing, emotional realizing, breath-work and spiritual life coaching.

* Integrative Psychotherapy is a method that integrates the phenomenological existential approach, the morphic fields (genetic, or applied to systems), the somatic experience / healing of traumas, healing of psychological wounds produced in childhood, conscious relationship, breath-work and energetic readings.

* Sesion one: Ancestrology, taking the strength from your roots

* Sesion two: Realising Trans-generation Patterns

* Sesion three: Taking care of your inner child

* Sesion four: Re-connecting with your teenager

* Sesion four: Melting frozen areas and numbness from your body and system

* Sesion five: Experiencing aliveness

* Sesion six: Creativity and vision

* Session seven: Following your passion in Life, with trust and

* Session eight: Integration

* What is it used for? It serves to bring conscious solutions to personal, family, couple, sexual, work or existential situations, that generate pain, confusion, fatigue, frustration or stress, and that may have their origin in childhood, the family system, or in experiences of shock throughout life. These experiences often lead us to live in a state of compensation, which supplies a lack of confidence or self-love. We have learned to meet external demands and expectations, in fact to postpone our own performance; we have even forgotten how to listen to our inner voice.

* What is the OBJECTIVE? From a place of acceptance, we seek to arrive at the origin of these situations, with the aim of bringing resolution, clarity, and observation with loving-kindness, and take in the strength of our experiences. This reconnects us with the energy and flow of life, and with the conscious listening of our own needs and self-care.

* Benefits: Through a sequence of personal sessions, a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12, where meditation techniques are included, a synergy of transformation and transcendence of patterns that have sabotaged life is generated, and we return to a natural state where we are aware of our real center. All this, so we can create and live a life with more happiness, fullness and vitality, all states that belong to us as a birthright.