Tantra Tribal I, Sun and Moon The Power of Creation:

Rite of Passage to honour when you became The God and Goddess of Creation

In the Ancient Tribes, when a teenager had his first ejaculation, and the girl her first menstruation, both were honoured by the tribe through a Rite of Passage, thus recognising them as The God and Goddess of Creation. The child was left behind in order to become a vital young man or woman.

In our society, we have lost the connection with our ancestors’ wisdom. Frequently this important transition from child to teenager is trivialised, ignored, or, many times it is associate with shame, something disgusting or a “guilty placer” that you have to hide.

This experience creates a negative imprint in our body-mind field.

This workshop aims to create a new imprint, so we can re-connect with love, self-compassion and aliveness into the rhythms of body and life.


* Using ancestrology to re-connect with love

* Men and Women Rituals to bring a new imprint into ejaculation and menstruation

* Tribal Dance in nature

* Breathing experience to embrace the aliveness and bliss in the body/mind

* Feeling The Love Spirit of joy and gratitude to be alive

* Ritual to Honour The God and Goddess of Creation

Tantra Tribal II, Sun-Sky and Moon-Earth when two become one:

Rite of Passage to embrace The New Man and Woman inside.

How was your first experience of love making? How is that experience still with you?

Do you connect sex, love and meditation?

The Sun depicts the masculine polarity, creativity, expansion, The Pillar of Light. The Moon depicts the female polarity, silence, vision, the viciousness of the universe, The Sacred Dark Space.

In this workshop, we are living the power force of our instinct, the sensitivity of our hearts and the expansion of the silent mind.

This workshop is a journey to honour our first love-making experience, either positive or negative, and re-connect with the natural potential of love and creation. We aim to create a new natural imprint in your sexuality/sensuality and love.

Instinct is the wisdom of the body, Intimacy is the flower of the heart, Intuition is The lotus of a silenced mind

Integrity in living in body, heart and mind as One -Ranjana “Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.” Brene Brown


* Ritual of Integration of The Sun and Moon inside

* Healing inner wounds (mistrust, abandonment, shame, dissociation and disconnection)

* Embracing the force of our instinct

* Living the joy of vulnerability and intimacy

* Learning to trust in our body and feeling

Breathing The Love Spirit:

Realign your polarities using the Chakana indigenous symbol, which depicts the cycle of nature (elements, seasons, solar and lunar rhythms, earth and sky)

In this workshop, we are dancing and breathing with totality to evoke the Spirit of Nature, rooting our energy from the sky to the earth. Following the gentle Moon energy, becoming sensitive to our senses and perceptions… watering our hearts with love and tender healing.

A journey from the rhythms of life

Upper Left Quadrant: Love, Trust, Connections

Lower Left Quadrant: Acknowledgement, Protection, Awareness

Lower right Quadrant: Happiness, Passion, Expression

Upper Right Quadrant: Responsibility, Productivity, Present

Living the Chakana Symbol means to enjoy daily life, where, we feel the power of creation and the Integration of The Chakana symbol at our core.

The Love Spirit Touch; using our hands and bodies to channel the five elements, we give and receive earth, water, fire and air- love-touched. Ask yourself, what is the strongest element in your life, and what element is missing? You will balance the four element energies in your body-field… feeling the warm hug of the Pachamama (The Earth) and the energetic vitality of Hananpacha (The Blue Sky), experiencing the truth that under Nature, all is ONE.